People always make a first impression really fast about a product, service or location. The same can also be said about websites, because a visitor will immediately see if he likes the layout, products and information that resides on that particular site. It’s said that in just a few seconds a person will immediately for an opinion about a website design, especially from what they see when they first open it. This is why the upper side of the site is crucial, as it has to be welcoming, colorful and really informative in order to keep users on the site for as much time as possible.

Research suggests that a website design with a low visual complexity but very representative for their field of work are the most appealing for visitors. The innovative, daring layouts are usually avoided by consumers, which is quite intriguing. Instead, a website design needs to be familiar and it has to be very appealing, especially when it comes to the first things a person sees on the site. These include the logo, social media icons, images and the call to action text you can find on the homepage.

When you access website design services you will be informed that a site has to provide a good appearance and simplicity, as this is the key here. Backgrounds and colors need to enhance the overall aspect of the page rather than distract the reader from the matter at hand. Additionally, keeping everything simple will help the website design to be more attractive, especially to those readers that want to read the message instead of going through multiple menus just to access the desired content.

The first impression is also made in regards to the quality of the content of the page. Usually a good site has SEO optimized content that is easy to read, informative and updated to reflect the latest changes in that particular domain.

Usability is another key component that all website visitors look for. A website design needs to have a simple navigation with few menus and numerous submenus, so people will be able to find all the information they need faster. High quality images almost always make a site more appealing, so inserting them is indeed crucial. Depending on the type of site, sometimes it’s also recommended to add explanatory videos, because a website design can benefit from them quite a lot.

It’s important to know that first impressions can literally last for years, so a website design needs to be visually appealing as well as very easy to use. In the end, a positive first impression will always lead to more sales and a high customer satisfaction. Website design allows you to implement all these ideas into your site and make it very engaging for your visitors, enabling them to have a one of a kind experience that might end with a purchase, something that in the end will increase the site’s profitability!